Building healthy and vibrant organizations require a balance of investments in your team, your organization, and yourself.

While many think of leading as primarily leading people in an organization and investing in yourself as a leader, there is another aspect of leadership that focuses on building an organization that is far sighted and long lasting. This includes establishing the overall purpose and vision of the organization and determining where the organization’s resources will be invested.  Like a human body, an organization has multiple systems that work together to create capability and capacity.  You can have all the capacity in one component of the system, but the organization will never achieve its full potential because another component is limiting the entire system.  Understanding a leader’s role in designing and building an organization is a critical aspect of leadership.

This session will focus on organizational leadership and will review six critical attributes for long term organizational success and sustainability.

  • Organizational Stewardship – This is a fundamental tenant that involves a commitment to the long-term sustainability and well-being of the organization.
  • Strategic Thinking – Strategic thinking involves stepping back to envision a healthier and sustainable future.
  • Mission and Vision – Articulating and standing behind the organization’s vision and mission is critical.
  • Strategic Planning – Strategic planning is a process to determine how the organization will focus limited resources effectively. While the concept is simple, developing and implementing strategy can be challenging.
  • Balancing interests – A leader has many stakeholders who have needs and interests.  Balancing the demands of each group to maximize win-win-win outcomes involves making compromises.
  • Leading Change – Like any living creature, an organization has multiple stages of life. Successfully guiding an organization through each stage is critical for the long-term. 

Participants will have the opportunity to assess their organizational leadership during the session.


  • Workforce Competencies – Accountability, interpersonal skills, customer service
  • Leadership Competencies – Innovation, relationships, strategic thinking, systems thinking, team leadership
  • Senior Leader Competencies – Change management, vision and strategy


  • Describe the principles of organizational leadership, including the differences
    between team, self, and organizational leadership.
  • Describe the six attributes of organizational leadership and how they apply to long-term organizational success.
  • Identify strategies for enhancing an organization’s long-term well-being.
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1.5 Hours



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