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To bring positive impact to our communities and workplaces — one project at a time.

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Every individual deserves to feel welcomed, recognized, and respected. We strive for an environment where people’s authentic selves have ample opportunities to thrive, especially members of underrepresented and marginalized groups. By listening to diverse viewpoints, amplifying every voice, and addressing systemic barriers, we hope to build sustainable equity for our team, clients, and communities.

commitment to quality

We are committed to giving our clients amazing, tailored experiences. That’s why every member of the APG team is empowered to make decisions that drive the best outcomes for each project. We promise to continuously improve ourselves as partners by listening, learning, and embracing feedback in the spirit of our values.


In 2004, Arrow Performance Group was founded by Stuart Thomas, who understood that systems thinking and empathic leadership could create healthy outcomes for all communities. Today, our inspiration comes from the same motivation that led Stuart to start APG: better ways of working together. By exhibiting service leadership in every action, our team has created a high-performing organization that empowers talented people through mutual trust. This foundation enables us to do the same for our clients, so they can go forth as one and achieve great things.

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the sum of

our parts

In bringing together diverse talents and ways of working, we’ve woven together a hybrid team that is as nimble and dynamic as the challenges modern organizations face. Our mix of staff consultants, industry partners, and seasoned coaches allows us to resource organizations with the right knowledge to propel your projects forward.