When people grow, workplaces thrive. APG Thriving Workplaces empowers professional development with innovative training tools to realize potential and grow inspiring leaders at any level. From virtual and in-person trainings to one-on-one coaching, every experience is curated by seasoned industry leaders who guide hands-on learning in real time.


Empower learning with a catalog of live, virtual trainings.

One-on-One Coaching

Pair leaders and managers with powerful mentorship.


Develop executives with a coach-led, cohort approach.

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Thriving Workplaces features a catalog of live professional development trainings led by industry leaders from our unique collaborative of strategic partners. Each training hones a holistic skill set by guiding growth in any one of seven core leadership competencies. Hands-on exercises and thought-provoking dialogue create an engaging virtual experience where participants can ask questions and interact. No “sit-and-get” learning.


Thriving Workplaces Coaching is an innovative program available for executives, senior management, or front-line managers. Our diverse bench of coaches draws on extensive field experience to enhance leadership skills and foster growth. Based on knowledge, personality fit, and your organizational competency model, we pair leaders with the ideal coach and customize a development plan. Each plan pulls from a unique toolkit, including 360 assessments that identify and prioritize areas for leadership development.

leadership academies

Thriving Workplaces academies combine the benefits of coaching with a cohort approach designed for holistic leadership development. Each cohort connects current and future leaders and pairs them with a personal coach that best complements individual growth objectives and potential. Over the course of an academy, participants work with their mentors, build applied knowledge through activities, and meet regularly with the cohort to compare diverse perspectives.  

Customized Leadership Development Consulting

We’re here to personalize any Thriving Workplaces Professional Development consulting offering, so it fits your organizational needs. Get in touch to help us understand how we can support the potential of your leaders in a way that aligns with your business goals and objectives. While we’re committed to engaging online experiences, we’re happy to bring training in-house by request.