Although the purpose of our organizations often draws individuals to the workplace, once hired the focal point becomes their experience on the team. Since the pandemic, we have seen significant changes in the workplace, arguably with the most significant impact occurring at the team level.  Critical changes such as loss of staff, hybrid/ remote work and change in team priorities have impacted team culture, in both positive and challenging ways. Knowing the current landscape, how can we evaluate and elevate team experience, building a pipeline of talent necessary for the future?

Building the talent pipeline requires a focus on building and developing various attributes that lead to a positive and productive team culture. This session will provide an overview of the four critical variables leading to positive productive teams.

  • Team Trust- possessing a firm belief in the ability, integrity, altruistic motives of the team.
  • Team Foundation- the team follows a self–organizing process – possessing common identity of purpose, values, and norms. A clearly identified foundation guides the team in their day-to-day interactions as well as decisions that set the stage for the future.
  • Team Cognition- collectively the team possesses relevant knowledge, shares information and encourages learning.
  • Team Resilience-  faced with challenging circumstances, the team can focus on capabilities, assets and positive attributes.

Participants will have the opportunity to take the Team Culture assessment prior to the session.


Dr. Therese Lask has held a variety of leadership positions in higher education throughout her 30-year career. Her experience ranges from working in private, public and community college with roles in Student Affairs, Academic Affairs, Development, and Operations. From a variety of roles and experiences, Therese has followed her purpose of helping individuals to grow and develop.

In her previous role at Colorado State University, Therese developed and facilitated leadership development classes for faculty and staff. In this role she helps individuals and teams learn a variety of theories and approaches to leadership. In addition to coaching and facilitating workshops and classes, Therese prepares custom sessions for teams on the topics of change, strategic planning, and team effectiveness for all departments on campus.

​In her current role, as owner/facilitator for the Athena Institute, Therese focuses on helping organizations strengthen their culture through a focus on supervisor and team development.


  • Accountability
  • Communication
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Job Knowledge
  • Conflict Management
  • Emotional
  • Intelligence
  • Team Leadership
  • Trust
  • Talent Management
  • Relationships


  • Reflect on the results of the Team Culture assessment.
  • Learn how to craft the foundation for the team including team purpose, values and norms.
  • Be able to identify new and existing strategies to build team trust.
  • Build team cognition by enhancing knowledge, sharing of information, and encouraging learning.
  • To utilize strategies to build team resilience.
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1.5 Hours



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