Professional Coaching Transforms Individuals and Organizations

Dynamic professional coaching provides numerous benefits to both individuals and the organizations that support them. One of the most cost-effective and impactful professional development investments an organization can make for their leaders and employees, this transformative practice can make a remarkable impression on personal growth, career development, and organizational success. We had a conversation with  APG’s Board Certified leadership coach partner, Christie Artis, to discuss the impacts of professional coaching. 

How does a professional coach empower individuals?

At its core, professional coaching deepens self awareness. A self-aware leader can intentionally play to their own strengths to identify and overcome the root cause of what’s holding them back.

Working together, coaches and leaders create a clear vision for the desired outcome of the coaching sessions. Together they set goals for achieving that vision by breaking down tactics into manageable steps. An effective coach works to increase a leader’s motivation to make decisions, while providing encouragement and accountability each step of the way.

What are the Benefits of Professional Coaching?

Best-in-class professional coaching focuses on the whole person. It transforms managers into inspirational leaders fostering a culture of growth, adaptability, and innovation within an organization.

Professional coaching empowers individuals to harness their full potential. It assists them in getting beyond their personal obstacles in order to set and achieve meaningful goals. Below are more benefits to explore.

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Personal Growth

An inspirational leader must be internally centered and grounded. Coaches help leaders build resilience and develop emotional coping strategies to deal with stress, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, and negative thought patterns.  A mentally fit leader can adapt to change more readily while staying attuned to the needs of their team. This helps with creating psychological safety in the workplace.

Career Advancement

Coaching helps a client define their own unique vision of who they want to be as a leader in order to ensure that they can model and inspire the culture they want to foster. Based on that vision, the client is aided in seeing, believing in, and further developing the strengths they already have. A development plan is then created to help the leader grow into their highest self and be ready for career opportunities as they become available.

Enhanced Leadership

Coaching turns managers into inspirational leaders. Fostering a culture of growth, adaptability, and innovation within organizations, professionally coached leaders are capable of helping the team think clearly and make better decisions.

Maximized Productivity

Professional coaching interventions help leaders and their teams optimize performance for increased productivity and efficiency. By meeting leaders where they are, great coaches are able to assist with recognizing blind spots concerning those things that are getting in the way of optimal production.


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Improved Well-Being

Professional coaching offers many emotional and psychological benefits from reduced stress and improved work-life balance to enhanced resilience. When a leader is fulfilled outside of work, this halos to performance and engagement inside of work.

How to know if a leader is a good candidate for coaching?

Coaching centers on the successful collaboration between the leader and the coach. However, before embarking on a coaching journey, it’s crucial to assess the coaching candidate’s readiness and enthusiasm for professional development. Key leadership competencies, including self-awareness, resilience in overcoming challenges, a willingness to embrace feedback, and unwavering commitment to the coaching process, play pivotal roles in this determination.

APG Coaching Services

The APG Thriving Workplaces coaching program enhances leadership skills and promotes professional growth. Tailored to help individuals and organizations address key leadership challenges and improve overall performance, our services are aimed at individuals in all levels of leadership.

Our unique approach offers:

  1. Customized coaching
  2. A diverse coaching toolkit
  3. An expert coaching bench
  4. Proven results

Whether you’re curious about what professional coaching can do for you as an individual or you’re an HR professional wanting to bring the benefits of coaching to your organization, contact APG to schedule a free consultation or to learn more about coaching opportunities for your team.