How to Feel Accomplished at Work Even When You’re Unmotivated

No matter how much one enjoys their job, there comes a time when you’re just feeling blah. And you may be thinking how that’s not good, and you need to ‘snap out of it,’ but guess what – it’s okay! It’s very common to hit these slumps and they can last a day, a week, or sometimes even longer.

Even though you are feeling unmotivated, you do still find a way to get the job done. So, next time you find yourself struggling to cross anything off that to-do list, this list of quick wins will help you feel accomplished!

Tips for When You’re Unmotivated at Work

Send That email

Everyone knows what we’re talking about here. You have that email sitting in your inbox that you keep opening and reading and then marking unread, so you don’t forget about it. For whatever reason, you just can’t seem to muster up the energy to respond.

We all do it from time to time. Especially when you’re feeling unmotivated and in a slump, this is the best time to just respond to the email.

And guess what, it will probably take you less than 10 minutes to respond and move on with your day. Sometimes just taking that small step forward is exactly what you need to get some motivation back.

Set a Bite-Sized Goal

Setting small goals is another way to chip away at that unmotivated feeling. Sometimes we feel unmotivated because the to-do list is 45 tasks long, or because we have this massive project and are unsure of where to start. By creating small bite-sized goals, you’re not overwhelming yourself with a seemingly never-ending to-do list but you still are getting stuff done!

Move Your Body

Get up and move your body! Go on that 15-minute walk around the block and get that blood flowing during your lunch break. Walk the long way around the office to the printer or to get that second cup of coffee. Take a couple of minutes to stand up from your desk and stretch (and give your eyes a break from the screen).

The best way to start getting yourself to feel slightly better is movement. It doesn’t have to be anything crazy but something that gets your blood pumping and body moving will give you endorphins and you will start to feel a little better!

Treat Yourself

Some work tasks are just terrible. They will never be fun on their own and sometimes you need to find a way to make them fun. Positive reinforcement – even from yourself – can really go a long way.

This is when and why you treat yourself. Tell yourself you will work on this one project for an hour and after you do that, go to the coffee shop down the street for your favorite beverage or go grab lunch from your favorite spot.

Sometimes work is just that: work. You need to find some little excitement during the day to keep you going.

Create a ‘Done’ List

Most everyone has a to-do list but what about a ‘done’ list? Sometimes when you’re feeling unmotivated it’s because you don’t feel like you’ve accomplished anything. But guess what, you have! All-day, every day you’re doing small things that get the work done.

If you take note of all the things you did during the day you’re definitely going to feel more accomplished. Visualizing where your time is spent can give you that quick boost of motivation to tackle the next item on your to-do list.

Quick little wins are exactly what you need sometimes to keep going and those quick little wins will lead to big wins later. Next time you’re feeling in a rut, keep in mind these tips to get back your motivation and feel inspired again.